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  • Porto Recanati Experience

    Adventure awaits you here in the Marche

    Discover the Riviera del Conero, starting from Porto Recanati: you will be able to explore towns, nature, itineraries surrounded by the greenery practicing trekking, mountain biking and many more sports. The italian for "Marche" is actually a plural noun, because of the plurality of experiences and wonderful destinations you will find. Here are only a few examples of the activites our territory can offer!

Conero Trekking


Adrenaline and pure fun. If you want to live experiences that will remain etched in your memory, you are in the right place! Here you will not be satisfied just by admiring the territory, but you will also live it actively.

Conero Trekking


Choose a regenerating break for your body and mind, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life between refined spas, magnificent wellness areas, and innovative treatments. The essence of being well!

Conero Trekking

Culture and tradition

Not just simple experiences, but an actual journey to a region full of romance, where you will feel like the main character! Numerous riches that hide legendary stories and myths.

Conero Trekking

Food & Wine

A journey for a stay of complete pleasure. Sensory experiences that you will never forget, to discover the tastes, flavors and the typical cuisine of the Marche. Not just tastings, but real experiences in extraordinary places, to discover local delicacies accompanied by a glass of wine.

Horse riding

Horseback riding

The Monte Conero Regional Park allows you to carry out excursions on horseback along the permitted paths: you can experience a complete immersion in nature and in the beauty of the place. Request information at our Resort.

Conero Boat Trip Reservations

Boat trips

Enjoy a full day just by relaxing on one of the boat trips of the Riviera del Conero. You will be cradled by the waves of the Adriatic Sea, and will be able to explore the most beautiful beaches and adventure between the hidden bays and the more famous ones.

Conero Bike Tour Information

By Bike

Riding a bike, you will find both lots of fun and a the wonders of a dreamy nature. By bike, e-bike, mountain bike or even city bike, you have many itineraries overlooking the sea or scattered around the hills of the Marche to choose from. Throughout the region, you will be able to enjoy the most suitable excursion for your needs.

Conero Kitesurfing

Water Sport

Loads of fun between the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. Several types of adventure and water sports: from snorkeling to kayak tours, from diving to SUP. Choose the experience that best suits your needs. You will find a completely new way of exploring nature, by yourself or with the help of our professional tour guides.

Conero Trekking

On wheels

The Marche region can also be lived on the road, but not on common roads and not even over ordinary vehicles! Here you will find unique experiences, fun and suitable for everyone.

Conero Trekking


Outdoor hiking in harmony and while respecting the environment. You will find classic trekking experiences and thematic trekking. You will be able to explore the whole region with your backpack, escorted by expert guides who will tell you all about the stories of the region.

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